Feet massage in Lviv – with fingers till happy end!

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Feel really relax with feet massage from Rakuena saloon in Lviv!

Any type of massage made by a beautiful naked girl is already in itself sexual. Foot massage (massage with feet) is especially sensual, because we have a lot of biologically active points in the feet, responsible for the functions of all organs and systems of the body, including the pleasure center in our brain.feet massage
In addition, in ancient times, relaxing foot massage was the prelude to sex. Hetars in ancient Greece must have done erotic foot massage to their masters, before the coition itself. The tradition of eromassage stops before sexual intercourse existed in many other cultures. In ancient civilizations, people knew that there are many nerve endings in our legs, and their stimulation brings pleasure and relaxation. Later, scientists proved that as a result of foot massage the human body begins to produce serotonin (a hormone of happiness), which gives us pleasure.
While doing massage with her legs, the girl sits at the feet of a man, showing him her obedience and obedience. A man, feels the gentle and rhythmic movements of gentle feet, feels truly happy.

Preparation for foot massage in the salon of erotic massage Rakuena

feet massageThis type of erotic massage does not require special preparation. Most importantly, we create comfortable conditions for men, beautiful masseuses and arousing atmosphere are the obligatory attributes of this procedure. The masseur necessarily takes a shower before the massage, so that her feet are perfectly clean and pleasant to touch. At the request of the guest, foot massage is performed in silk stockings, which exacerbates not only the physical, but also the visual perception of the massage. We use special aroma oils, however, if your imagination desires, the employee can use the cream during the procedure.
Pleasant music, candles, silk sheets on massage beds, make feet massage from the Rakuen salon in the center of Lviv, popular and in demand!

The basic rules of erotic foot massage

feet massage

  • Do not repeat your movements, do massage as varied as possible;
  • Do not focus only on the genitals, grasp the buttocks and the inner thighs. Scientists have proved that the massage of the buttocks, stimulates the muscles of the pelvis and scrotum, intensifying the stimulation;
  • In massage, the entire surface of the foot is used, from tender tickling with a little finger, to active stroking of the entire foot;
  • In massage not only the feet are used. Masseuse uses hair, breasts, lips. This greatly increases the excitement;
  • Feet massage, necessarily perform only in a good mood, so that both the guest and the girl get sutisfuction.

Ends with this pleasant massage program in our club necessarily violent orgasm. We guarantee the quality of the massage and an unforgettable experience for our guests. Make yourself a gift and your erotic experience will be filled with absolutely new sensations! We are glad to see you in the VIP club for men Rakuena without a break for lunch, weekends and holidays at the address: Lviv, Tchaikovsky st., 17.

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