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VIP male club Rakuena in Lviv presents to your attention a mini-excursion, in the holy of holies of our club, the device BDSM. If you have long been in the topic, then different types of BDSM devices for spanking (spanking) and other CM practices, you will appreciate. It’s simple, our Dominantes use exclusively exclusive products made to order from the best masters of Europe. We appreciate not only the beauty and functionality, but also the quality of the device.

bdsm devices


A wide selection of lashes, whips, stacks, and phlogers gives a good start to the novice as well as to the experienced BDSM adept of culture. Floger is the most common shock BDSM device, consisting of a handle and “tails”, cut from sheet leather or other material. The number of tails-lashes can vary from 6 – 8 to 40 – 60 pieces. Depending on the design, thickness, number of tails, skin structure, the phloger can be used for both light game punishments and influences, and for serious pain effects.


Exceptionally subtle and aesthetic attributes of BDSM culture. It:

  1. Symbols of subordination of one person to another, a symbol of the lower one.
  2. Symbols of belonging to a slave to his Master / Lady.
  3. Devaysy that limit the physical mobility of the submissive, make it dependent on the length of the chain, fastened to the collar.
  4. Devays that allow you to control your sub, direct it to where you need to or pull the leash with disobedience.
  5. Beautiful themed decoration.


In their practice, Dominants of the Rakuen club in Lviv use two main types of strapons:
1. Strap-on classic – is a dildo attached to straps, which in turn allow you to hold the artificial phallus on your hips. We use nozzles of different shapes and lengths. In the context of BDSM applications, for example smaller nozzles can serve as an incentive for the lower, and a larger attachment for punishment.
2. Strap-on without belts – a characteristic feature of this device is that it does not have any straps for fixing on the body and is set by the other end (bent by the letter G to the working part) in the woman’s vagina. It is held there due to the thickness and physiological curves. The work of such a tool has two important factors – the lady more accurately doses the depth and amplitude of the reciprocating movements, and at the same time enjoys herself from stimulation.


bdsm devices
The clamps we use have adjustments for the compression force, made in the form of a screw, rotating which we can weaken or amplify the effect. This is very convenient, because the pain can be severely dose-regulated, and once and for all time the BDSM is clamped onto the skin. This feature of the device is extremely important, because different people have different pain threshold. In addition, the Mistress can increase the force of compression in the form of punishment, or weaken her if she is already satisfied with the lesson of obedience of her botton.
It should also be borne in mind that the pain threshold is reduced, when a person is sexually aroused, when peak excitement passes, the effect of using clothespins becomes very painful.


For us, it is important not only your pleasure, but your physical and mental health. Therefore, all devices are sanitized after each session. In addition, our Subjects never use their BDSM devices to your detriment. Severe bodily injury is the TABOO of our institution.

bdsm devices

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